Friday, April 30, 2010


Hello! Hard Love Apparel comes from my love of art and edgy fashion. I love fashion and all things creative!

Hard Love Apparel started when I decided to continue being a stay at home mom, to my now 1 year old boy, but still wanted to have my foot in Fashion. I wanted a way to create and do what I loved while being able to enjoy time with my son.

When I first found the Etsy website, I had no idea there was even a website devoted solely to buying and selling hand-made items. I was THRILLED! I had found a venue to showcase my designs! I started to design and create tees to list in my shop on Etsy. Soon, I started talking about my tees to family and friends and got a really great response and tons of support. My newest addition is handmade scarves. Every item I list is hand-dyed, painted, sewn or altered by me! My husband takes my photos and I’m the “model”. It really is a family business!

I use the highest quality products. Every item is made with care.

If you have any special requests or questions, send me a convo and I would LOVE to work with you!